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Brazivedas dance classes are fun and a great place to make friends. You will meet people who are just starting and have been taking lessons for many years.  You will not only learn moves, but you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of where and how to use them.   Dance classes can be for singles or couples.

No experience necessary.



Brazil’s exhilarating dances are for kids, teens, adults. You can dance in Carnaval parades, clubs or parties, or at home.

The most popular dances for singles include the Samba no Pé, Ballet-Afro, Frȇvo and Samba reggae, and couples Samba de Gafieira and Forró.

Students will learn traditional Brazilian dances and how to match specific rhythms to a particular type of dance. This class will help students discover the best of Brazilian dance, in a friendly and fun environment.

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PST, Sunday 10 am PST


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